55 HT

A true marvel
of innovation and excellence.

Presenting one of the world's First Bespoke and State of the Art Design Power Catamaran, a true marvel of innovation and excellence. Crafted entirely from marine-grade aluminum 5 series (5 Al-Mg-Mn / marine grade 5083), renowned for its premium attributes -durability, lightweight composition, safety, adaptability, and recyclability. These qualities ensure heightened speeds, enhanced fuel efficiency, extended range, superior controllability, and an exquisite design.


The entire construction process employs recyclable materials facilitating costeffective repairs, heightened shear strength, and an impressive strength-toweight ratio. Aluminum construction guarantees immunity to chipping, cracking, corrosion, and oxidation, offering a non-toxic manufacturing process that's environmentally friendly, ensuring a longer lifecycle and increased resale value.

Crafted by a team of professional Naval Architects adhering to ISO 12215 standards, our yacht incorporates cutting-edge technologies and boasts international certifications. Moreover, the aluminum construction allows for complete customization, ensuring flexibility to adapt to customers' needs and specifications while maintaining ongoing dialogue and collaboration.


Remarkably, the yacht's weight is 30% lower than polyester and 50% lighter than steel.


Front Cabin

Aft Cabin

Technical Specifications


Deck layout


Cabins layout